Jean-Luc Ponty - Vinyl

Jean-Luc Ponty "Sunday-Walk"
Label: MPS Records
Catalog#: CRM 645
Format: Vinyl, LP, Stereo, Gatefold, MPS-Reissue
Country: Germany
Genre: Jazz



Jean-Luc Ponty - violin

Wolfgang Dauner - piano

Niels-Henning Orsted-Petersen - bass

Daniel Humair - drums


Produced and recorded by Hans-Georg Brunner-Schwer

Recording Director: Willy Fruth

Cover-Photo: Jean Pierre Leloir

Liner-Photos: Werkmeister and Armbruster

Grafic Work and Layout: Gigi Berendt


Recorde June 1967, MPS-Tonstudio Villingen / Black Forest